How to Attain a Perfect Paint Job

Are you planning to paint your home or office? Good, you will certainly need the following tips and tricks on professional painting practices. Pay attention to the details and you will realize painting is not as hard as most people imagine.

Wash the Walls Thoroughly

Always prepare the area to be painted by cleaning thoroughly to get rid of dirt and other foreign objects. Make use of stiff brushes and mild detergents where necessary. If you can get a power washer, the better. Rotten or splintered wood should be replaced immediately, while windows and door frames must be repaired before any painting job begins.

Fill and Sand

For those walls and surfaces with big holes and damages, get a resin filler. Shallow holes can be tackled using spackle, while cracks can be fixed easily using caulks. Overfill the area and sand it until it’s flat and smooth.

Apply the Primer

For the primer, you will have to pick between the oil and latex primer depending on your project. Oil works best on metal chalked surfaces, and new wood. Plus, they are very versatile since you can use an oil-based primer with both oil and latex paints.

On the other hand, latex primers, which are water-based, are perfect for priming soft wood, brick & concrete, and galvanized metals. They dry faster and are less brittle compared to oil-based primers. Despite their differences, both primers cannot stand being applied in direct sunlight because the heat causes blistering and shallow penetration.

Start Painting

The ideal paint must be suitable for the primer. Once that has been ascertained, put all the necessary measures in place to kickstart your painting job. They involve covering all that needs to be covered, and removing whatever should be removed. Now, depending on the surface, you can use a brush, roller, or spray. Whichever is convenient for that area.

Better still, you can save yourself the hassle and call a qualified and experienced painter. He will save you a great deal of time, unnecessary costs, and the pressure that comes with not knowing what to do. Furthermore, an expert guarantees quality results.

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